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Thank you so much for your support!

We do lots of fundraising functions at AllFiredUp!ActionIsand we will streamline this event based on your needs and budget.


Recently we worked with a school that was able to raise a substantial sum of money by having the parents pay a reasonable fee to have 6X6 tiles of their children’s handprints installed in their school hallway at chair rail height. We sold them the tiles at a reduced amount. They were thrilled with this project and it will continue in the future as more families wish to have their children’s handprints included as part of the permanent landscape of their school. We are currently speaking with other area schools that are considering adding this as one of their future fundraisers.

We can also work with schools on fundraising projects17706880190_bbb0b3f0da_o where a large piece of pottery is jointly painted by an entire classroom and then auctioned off to the parents at one of their annual fundraising events. The kids usually stick to one theme in their artwork – such as jungle animals or families or maybe world peace. We give a reduced price on the pottery to help you make more money. We have heard of pieces being auctioned for as high as $500 to $600! Quite a nice little amount for your PTA!

Whatever your ideas or needs, whatever your organization or charity, we will be glad to work with you atAllFiredUp!ActionIs

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